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Chasing down receipts and invoices is a thing of the past! Enabling the PO SmartView app makes it easier for your Coupa users to stay on top of their receiving and invoicing tasks. It is simple to use, and no training is required. Each user’s unique panel is conveniently displayed on their Coupa home page. This has the added benefit of relieving your AP, Finance, Purchasing, and Sourcing teams, allowing them to focus more on value-added tasks. Links are provided in the panel to quickly see how much is left to receive, and how much is invoiced but still pending action. 


The DataMap PO SmartView app summarizes each Requester’s open PO lines and provides actionable links from within its personalized summary page. This minimizes the necessity to re-notify users to address requisitions and invoices pending receipt. Finance and Accounting departments will quickly realize value as the receiving process is further automated, and it becomes no longer necessary to chase down PO owners, prompting them to enter receipts and review invoices by month end.

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